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abylon LOGON protects your computer against illegal access. You need only to train a smart card, a removable media (e. g. memory stick) or a CD with your windows login data. In future you need only this physical key for the login authentication. If you leave the computer you need only to pull the smart card or the USB stick and your computer automatically locks or logoff.

  • Single Sign-On for Windows login and Applications
  • Comfortable windows access protection with smart card, removable media (e. g. memory stick) or CD/DVD
  • Additional security by password and token combinations
  • Logon with long password and without keep in mind
  • By leaving your computer automatically locked or logged out
  • Supporting of different X.509 certificate smart cards and token



  • Only one-time authentication required
  • Safe and automatic logon in Windows systems
  • Automatic inserting of username and password are used for applications
  • Supported token for logon:
    • Chipcards (z. B. EC-Moneycard (with chip) or Health Insurance Cards)
    • External memory media (eg: USB Sticks, flashdrives)
    • CDs/DVDs
    • RFID cards
    • Certificate-based Smartcards and USB-Token (Supporting different manufacturers, e.g. Aladdin eToken)
    • EEPROM Chipcards SLE 4432 and SLE 4442 (Can be describe)
  • Random-Password – Daily changing and random Windows login data
  • Optional additional password protection at logon
  • SecureID for symmetrical cards
  • Optional logon verification by input of the password
  • Account-Management for several logon accounts each media
  • Check Revocationlist-status (CRL)
  • During the removing of the medium, the computer are ‘Looked’, ‘Look out’ or ‘Shut down’
  • Several media for one user possible
  • Possible to create accounts during the windows logon processes or in the simulation mode
  • Log file
  • Automatic Update (Can be deactivated)
  • Improved Administration for corporate applications

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