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State-of-the-art in all things HDR. HDR projects 2 offers you new possibilities to influence the HDR process directly. You can choose between seven HDR algorithms and during HDR creation you can determine parameters such as smoothing, denoising, halo adjustment and many more.

You can partially define single image areas by directly adjusting the weighting during HDR fusion. Even when working with single images you will achieve sensational results. With even more nuanced working and a perfectly adjusted HDR fusion you will achieve unique results in full 32-bit quality.

During HDR preparation the exclusive and fully automatic alignment tool is perfect for the alignment of your source images. Exposure bracketings shot by hand and moving leaves in the wind are handled by HDR projects 2 with precision like you’ve never seen before.

Automatically correct ghost images of people, vehicles, mirror effects in water and all moving objects or influence the merging of the pictures manually using the HDR painter. In every phase you are the director and have full control of de-ghosting effects while monitoring your work on the display in real-time.



• Seven different HDR algorithms
• Individual weighting for every luminance
• Selective luminance and HDR weighting
with HDR Painter
• Integrated RAW processing for virtually
every RAW format
• Very precise alignment, making your exposure
bracketings razor sharp
• Fully automatic high-end ghosting correction
with manual control for extreme situations
• 56 presets, sorted by theme, for quick
and professional results
• Five tone mapping algorithms for maximum
freedom of image interpretation
• 52 high-end filters for creative finishing and
ready to print images

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